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Bluefern's Blessing || Short Story || T-D-C
Bluefern was never sure why she couldn't conceive... neither did the Medicine Cat. Even StarClan seemed stumped.
The last litter she lost was nearly ten seasons ago; she smiled as she remembered the twins. Two nearly identical red-brown tabbies like their father, Copperkit and Bronzekit. She wondered if they were here with her, in the den now, smiling down upon their brother.
Her ancestors had heeded her prayers, 56 moons late.
She watched the warm bundle of ashy gray fur nuzzle her belly before he disappeared in her blue-gray coat. My son. She smiled, admiring the way his coat mirrored her own. But that sharp face, that sleek body.. that's all Buckstripe. Her tired, pained gaze drifted to a pair of small, unmoving shapes nestled against the shadowy wall of the nursery as a grimace pursed her lips.
Tigerkit and Pearlkit didn't make it.
Her sorrowful thoughts were banished with a sigh as Antlerkit mewled feebly for milk and she nudged his straying body closer with a
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OT3, aka ALL ABOARD THE STOAT BOAT by lycanrott OT3, aka ALL ABOARD THE STOAT BOAT :iconlycanrott:lycanrott 13 6 [ T D C ] what a snooze fest by rhapsidious [ T D C ] what a snooze fest :iconrhapsidious:rhapsidious 6 3 Duality by Schuis Duality :iconschuis:Schuis 40 5
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“Hey, hey you! Wake up!” Amber eyes blinked open sleepily, and usually, he would see nothing but darkness but now … colours filled his vision. “Woah …,” he said as he opened his mouth, revealing small teeth.
“Ma!! Ma!!! He’s opened his eyes!! Lil bro opened his eyes!! And it was because of meee!!!” The voice called out again, still as shrill as it was before. It hurt his ears. Quickly shutting out the yelling with his paws over his ears, he adjusted to the sensation of seeing and looked around to find the source of the yelling before seeing grey fur with jagged stripes and he blinked at the figure when they turned to look at him.
They were walking towards him. Who were they?
“Hiya! You’re my little brother! I’m your big sis! I’m Stonekit, named for my strength and my grey fur! Your name is Peachkit! Because you’re like a peach!”
At first, h
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Soft as the Snow
“You WHAT?” Softpaw had been an apprentice for just two moons, but this kid had only been one for a night and he was already hitting on her. Snowpaw shrugged sheepishly and shuffled his paws.
“I dunno you’re like, super pretty and your voice sounds like a Starclan cat’s!” he offered, pushing the flower towards her. Softpaw stared at it then looked back up at the younger apprentice. Taking a deep breath, she took the flower.
“ seem nice enough I’m just..not really interested in dating right now. I’m like, only 8 moons old and you’re only 6, we shouldn’t worry about that stuff yet!” Snowpaw looked crushed, tail drooping.
“...but I would like another friend. Can’t ever get enough of those!” she murmured, tucking the flower behind Snowpaw’s ear. He looked up, eyes growing wide. Slowly, his heartbroken expression turned into a joyful one.
“I’d like that!”
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then come on down to Alyxsandre's art raffle and join

no seriously join i love nia and u should commission and join bc .............

just do it okay!! good art and good everything 10/10

Name(s): Flintclaw

Rank: Deputy

Age: 40 moons
Gender: He/him - 

Sex: Male

Sexuality: Pansexual

Romantic Orientation: Panromantic

Mentor(s): Wolftalon (old)

Apprentice(s): n/a (open)

Mate: open

Ex-Mates: open



Personality Type: INTJ


Positive Traits:

> Inquiring 
        Unfortunately, a trait of mine is too be rather nosy, a thing most cats aren't too fond of, but I find that it's quite useful to learn as much as you can... well, even if it's not a very polite thing to do...

> Fearless
        Do you ever find yourself staring into the abyss, and see it gazing right back at you? ...Well, that particular sentence sounds rather dark and edgy. Let's just say I'm not one to hesitate throwing myself straight at the abyss. I fear nothing. ALMOST nothing.

> Diplomatic
        My fellow clanmates tell me I have a rather eloquent way of dealing with political matters. I am a master with words, and I feel like I would be able to charm almost any political opponent.

> Charismatic
        Despite my rather glum looking appearance, I'm actually quite friendly. And as my previous trait suggests, a tom of great charm. Perhaps you think differently? Well, that's just because we haven't spoken yet. You'll see quite soon.

Negative Traits:

> Aloof
        In a more casual setting, most cats assume I just don't care. Or they are intimidated by me... do I really look that blank? I've even heard some tell me I have a thousand-tail length stare.

> Critical
        As a result of my intense training as an apprentice, I am much more nitpicky than the other warriors. Do not be afraid or turned off to me if I start to evaluate or analyze you. I am simply attempting to see how I could make you a better version of yourself.

> Paranoid
        The sins of one's past can do quite a toll on the present personality, and I assume that is true here. My father taught me nobody was to be trusted, and my mentor had me constantly on edge at all times. The Scorching Sun, of course, will also do a number on a personality... 

> Indecisive 
        I am unable to decide on even the most basic of things. Birds? Or mice? We'll never know...

Neutral Traits:

> Dry
        If you couldn't tell, my humor is quite dry. It's not funny to all. A shame. 

> Competitive
        Ah... an embarrassing facet of myself. Competition is something I live for, but I don't often find the time to... well, compete?

> Private
        I would prefer to keep myself and my relationships private. Don't ask. Don't tell.

> Noncommittal
        Speaking of relationships... it's hard to see myself in one for too long. It's hard to see myself in anything for too long. Such is the folly of toms.


  • Hunting
  • Practice fighting
  • Bird-watching
  • Storytelling


  • Flexing his claws 
  • Glances over shoulder about every five minutes




  • Lullaby - The Cure

  • Vampire Banquet - Fox Academy

  • Intimate - Crystal Castles

  • The Garden - Mirah

  • Lover I Don't Have to Love - Bright Eyes

  • Strange Love - Koop

  • Mask - Bauhaus

  • Fear of Ghosts - The Cure

  • M - The Cure

  • More Than This - Roxy Music

    Peter Murphy (Bauhaus vocalist) [link]

    Pine trees, dirt, smoke


  • Rain storms
  • Cold nights
  • Sunrises


  • Cats with no manners
  • Sleeping too much
  • Eating mice


  • BUGS
  • His clanmates distrusting him
  • Bugs


Point System


Med Cat:

Med Apprentice




    6/10; Rippling Muscles. They can do more heavy-hitting techniques and fight things a little bigger than themselves.

    5/10; 20/20 vision.  Vision and hearing is normal, and very slightly subtle body language is able to be identified. Vision and hearing in high places is somewhat impaired.

    3/10; Sniffles. Minor colds, constantly. Almost normal hunger threshold. Can take pushes and bumps.

    10/10; Silver-Tongued. Your wordplay is unmatched. You could convince an opponent to back down, if only for a bit. You’re a grade-A diplomat and can calm down a riot or stampede of cats.

    5/10; I finished school. You have an average intelligence and average memory. You know the most basic of herbs.

    4/10; Ooh, you missed it! You’re a slow hunter, but you can catch a few slow pieces of prey by yourself. You might be able to clamber up a tree with only some troubles.

    7/10; Four-Leafed Clover. The universe seems to tolerate you at times and might favor you a bit, the tiniest bit. You’re less likely to get sick or go too hungry.



        My mother is... rather nice. Well... she was nice. She died when the Scorching Sun came. A fatality among many, unfortunately, but she died helping cats escape the flames. She was... selfless. Always running from place to place, willing to help almost anyone out with anything. I guess that was her demise. Isn't it funny how the things we love doing the most are the things that will be the most harmful to us....

        My father is still alive, unfortunately, and I can't go two seconds without that cranky old tom snapping in my ear about something I did wrong. Just when I think I'm free from cats standing over my shoulders, he always comes right back to bite me on the tail.

Sibling(s): Two older sisters (open)

Cousins: n/a (open)

Uncles/Aunts: n/a (open)

Half Sibling(s): n/a (open)

Other: n/a (open)


Love Life

Turn Ons:

  • Good sense of humor

  • Someone who can be just as competitive as him

  • Good listeners

  • Disrespectful personality

Turn Offs:

  • Too loud

  • Messy eaters

Current Attractions:

  • N/A 

Past Attractions:

  • N/A




From the stories my mother and father would tell me as a young kit, my parents were quite the lovebirds. Sickeningly sweet love, they called it. Sickeningly, in my own definition here, meaning that I wanted to throw up every time they told this story over and over. The way the tell it is... Poppyheart and Beetleface met at the young age of six moons, young warriors in PineClan. They were so so so so so (not my own words) in love! But, alas, their love was merely a mutual crush for what seemed like moons and moons. It wasn't until they were both young warriors, that my father, Beetleface, confessed his love to my mother under the light of the full moon. She was elated, and they became, for lack of a better word, mates. Of course, I wasn't brought into the picture until a while later... let's get to that, shall we?


When I was finally born, I was the youngest of a litter of three. Two sisters came before me. And, well, as the youngest, I was treated more like a kit than I would've liked to be treated. Not that I was going to complain back then. I had warmth and free food. But, my mother was extremely doting, and she would not let me leave the nest for more than seconds at a time. My sisters, however, allowed to roam freely. I remember the night before we were made apprentices, my sisters tried to coax me out from my mother's fur. I was scared of her waking up, so I refused to move, simply watching my sisters romp around from the comfort of the nest.

Apprenticeship/6 moons:

As an apprentice, I was... well. Let's just say I had my rebellious phase. I was quick to judge, quick to snap, and quick to... well, I was just quick. My mentor was Wolftalon, and we spent most of our days training. I tried to spend as much time with the other apprentices as I could, but my waking hours were consumed by battle tactic after hunting tactic after literally any other tactic. Not that I am complaining, I am grateful to Wolftalon. I just feel like my younger moons were... ripped away from me.


And apprenticeship went just as quickly as it came. I became Flintclaw. No longer was I Flintpaw. I had my own name. Something that made me feel... unique. I don't... remember much from my younger warrior days, actually. I was reckless and did a lot of foolish things. I still feel like I do that. Nevertheless, I certainly made a name for myself in my clan, mostly for my hunting skills... but I'm not that great, I reassure you.

art credit sapphicool 



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im weasel......... i enjoy sleep

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